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Roof windows for lighter everyday life

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Roof hatches Fakro

Roof lock fakro fw

Roof hatches Fakro is a way to get to the roof quickly and easily, so that you can carry out a variety of roofing, repair and other work required during the lifetime of the building. The roof hatches also illuminate the loft rooms and provide ventilation. Choosing a roof hatchshould be taken into account which room - heated or unheated - must go to

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Roof hatches Fakro - windows

The roof window-hatch combines the characteristics of the roof window and the roof hatch, allowing you to get on the roof. The window, which is equipped with energy-efficient glass package, is suitable for various heated and habitable rooms. Heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1,3W / m2K.

  • FW hatches are suitable for residential and heated attic spaces
  • Single-chamber, energy-efficient glass package 4H-16-4T, U (g) = 1.1 W / m²K
  • Turned on both left (FWL) and right (FWR) sides
  • Roof windows-hatches for installation in roofs with a slope of 15 ° to 55 °.

Roof hatches Fakro for unheated rooms

roof lock fakro ws wg wli

WS hatch covers are made of polycarbonate that is weather resistant. The lid is tilted up to an 180 degree angle for easy access to the roof. The hatch can also be used for ventilation and lighting of loft spaces. The hatch kit includes a waterproof connection and is designed for installation in roofs with a slope from 15 to 60.

WG the hatch cover can be lifted up and it is easy to get out on the roof. There are two types of WG roof hatches available. The WGT hatch is equipped with tempered 4mm thick glass (4H), while the WGI hatch is equipped with a toughened glass package (H-10-4H) and a gas ambulance. The kit includes a waterproof connection. Roof slope 15 - 60 degrees.

WLI the hatch can be opened to the side, up to 90 degrees, hinges can be changed and the hatch can be opened both to the right and to the left. The hatch has a tempered glass package (4H-8-4H). It has a mechanism at its top that holds the open sash firmly and prevents it from accidentally bouncing. The kit includes a waterproof connection, the hatch installation is from 15 to 70 degrees.

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