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Roof windows for lighter everyday life

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Why choose Okpol roof windows?

Quality guaranteePolish company with over 24 years of experience in the manufacture of skylights.

New warmer windows - SuperThermo technology for lower power consumption

Innovative Q-LON sealing system - Increased durability and energy efficiency

Double glass packages - Equipped with low emission coating and tempered glass.

Double-chamber glass packages - Anti-free glass, 20 year window guarantee

Excellent sound insulation - Noise reduction is used in the ISO E8 window.

Extra security - Handle integrated key

roof log okpol

Okpol roof window The products produced make it possible to turn dark attic into a light comfortable space. Okpol Roof windows bring in more light than regular vertical windows. Therefore, it is the perfect solution to fill the room with sunlight. Roof windows are made of high quality impregnated pine wood, double covered with high quality colorless lacquer. Airflow is built into the frame, which provides a comfortable microclimate even when the window is closed, keeping the room warm. The hinges are located in the middle of the skylight which, when opened, allows it to be opened by 180 ^ and does not cause any problems in cleaning the outside. The window frame also includes a latch that allows the window to be held open at half-angles 20 °, and also to lock the window 180 ° when cleaning. The handle for the roof windows is located at the bottom of the frame and locks in three positions: 1. The window is closed; 2. and 3. with a smaller or larger ventilation gap. The window is installed between the rafters, if necessary supplemented with wooden slats, for the stability of the window.

The most popular OKPOL skylight models

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